Little About Me!

Here on WordPress my purpose and sole goal is to present honest reviews of Books all of us have already read, are anxiously waiting for and Books we all are just waiting for someone to talk to about. I will also be taking review requests from you guys if you are interested and if I am comfortable with the genre.

Why Choose My Blog?

My Reviews are going to be completely honest and non-biased.

My review entail everything from the cover of the book to all the grammatical errors. Also all the in betweens of Plot, Character Building, Pacing, etc.

I have a lot of experience as a reviewer as I have reviewed ample amount of books on Wattpad for amateur writers and also many books on Goodreads.

     Welcome to My Crazy Crazy World!!! (Because can you tell me of one bookworm who ain’t crazy? We are!)

    Some genres I read and Review for:

    1. Fantasy
    2. Science Fiction
    3. Young Adult
    4. Teen Fiction
    5. Romance
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