Review: The Famoux

Book Name: The Famoux
Author Name: Kassandra Tate

Google provided Blurb:

Fame can be deadly.

Out of the wreckage of environmental collapse, the country of Delicatum emerged. Its most popular celebrities are the Famoux, uniquely beautiful stars of a reality TV show called the Fishbowl. In a world still recovering from catastrophe, they provide a 24/7 distraction.

Sixteen-year-old Emilee Laurence is obsessed with the Famoux – they provide a refuge from her troubled home life and the bullies at school. When she receives an unimaginable offer to become a member herself, she takes it. Leaving behind everything she’s ever known, Emilee enters a world of high glamour and even higher stakes.

Because behind their perfect image lies an ugly truth – an anonymous stalker has been dictating the Famoux’s every move, and being popular really is a matter of life or death.

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A thrilling dystopian take on fame and celebrity culture, perfect for fans of Suzanne Collins’ A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

Goodreads rating: 4.42


Sticks and Stones may break your bones but haters make you Famoux.

~The Famoux by Kassandra Tate

Emilee Laurence is a living a sad, non eventful, depressed life in the state of Eldae since her very birth. It’s been that way because of her glitch, her difference, her uniqueness. But she doesn’t quite know that, and now it doesn’t matter because the only Silver lining of her life left her and her family.

Her mother had left them in a broken and wrecked family with no promise of her return. Gone was Emilee’s only reason of surviving and now she only trudged through life to complete school and look after her father after when her siblings would leave the state of Eldae and start a new life and better life for themselves in Betnedoor. So, she walks through her uneventful which takes a turn for better or worse when she is offered to join The Famoux. Elite of the Elite. Talented to a fault. Best of the best. And slaves of an invisible threatening their lives.

When I started reading this book the plot started out with a sad girl’s life in wrecked family but in a completely normal world. The world even felt like ours because there weren’t much restrictions on the people of Delicatum, aside from the genetic mutation, which isn’t even their fault *cough*.

So, you would expect the book to bore you, ’cause you know, the setting of the book looked pretty much like ours (up until Emilee is offered to join the Famoux) even though we are promised a Dystopian world.

But then you would be wrong. Somehow, Kassandra Tate managed to walk us through the book as if she were walking a new born through the world of Delicatum and explained everything precisely and in very simple words. That scored the books points with me. Because even though, there wasn’t much mystery about how this Dystopian world actually worked, like we get in every Dystopian book, it created new elements of surprise and many original ideas that were really so fascinating.

As usual, like you get in my Reviews, I will provide you with all the things I liked about this book and all the things that hit me wrong.

Let’s start with the positive, shall we?

1. I really liked how the writer has written Emilee’s monologue and her emotions regarding her life and family and surroundings. It was silent but so strong.

2. Next, I liked that Emilee’s uniqueness made her stand out and eventually became the reason of her joining the Famoux. And then, as everyone loves the Famoux and to the outsider there’s just love between them. Wrong, Emilee soon finds out that becoming a Famoux doesn’t mean that everyone is going to love you.

3. The mystery of DEFED and the way it was framed and solved. I was pleasantly surprised when the mystery of DEFED was uncovered.

4. As I said before I loved all the original ideas from the author of the Fissarex and Analytix, they were oh so, fascinating.

5. Loved how the writer walked us through the world with the correct pace.

And, unfortunately there are some negatives of the book.

1. As a reader we are quick to connect the dots, and figure out the mystery and I think that’s why we expect the protagonist to be the same way too. Smart and figurative. So, I don’t know, if I am being unfair to Emilee, now a Famoux member as Emeray, but I think she wasn’t smart for teh most part of the book. Sure, Emeray could come up with and rare and evil plan within seconds but I thought that when it came to connect the dots and figure out a mystery by coming to some realization, she lacked.

2. I was pleasantly surprised when the mystery behind DEFED was uncovered. However, I was a little disappointed by the backstory because it felt a little repetitive and predictable.

That’s my review, folks. And I am still hung up on this book after it ended on a blissfull cliffhanger (note the sarcasm) but then I was so happy I had a wattpad account where I could read the sequel, just to be informed by the author when I contacted her that I couldn’t read the sequel just yet because it didn’t match up with the published version of Book 1. So I guess I wait with 1000 other readers for the author to take pity on us and update it to match Book 1.

Would I recommend The Famoux?
– Yes, I most definitely will.

So, grab this books when it hits the shelves on January 21 2021

Who is it best for to read?
Readers who like:
~ The Hunger Games, Divergent series and Down World.
~A nice Dystopian setting with a dark mystery
~To join a world which looks very much like ours but is just a cover up for something dark and twisted.
~A really surprising plot twist.

My rating: 4.4☆

See you guys at the pages of a hopefully another heartwrenching book.

All my love,

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Book Review: Down World by Rebecca Phelps

Book Name: Down World

Author Name: Rebecca Phelps

Goodreads Blurb:

Stranger Things meets the Netflix series Dark in this paranormal thriller where three mysterious doors in a highschool basement hold the key to unlocking the mystery of what really happened the night Marina’s brother died.

As the site of a former military base, there have always been rumors that East Township High School was the site of experiments with space and time. For years, students have whispered in the hallways of a doorway created within the school, one that can access multiple timelines and realities, a place known as the Down World.

As the new kid in school and still reeling from the unexplained death of her brother Robbie, Marina O’Connell is only interested in one thing: leaving the past behind. But a chance encounter with handsome Brady Picelli changes everything. He will lead Marina to a startling discovery. The Down World is real and the past, present, and future are falling out of balance.

Brady is determined to help Marina discover what really happened to her brother. However, what is taken from one world, must be repaid by another. And Marina is about to discover that even a realm of infinite possibilities has rules that must be obeyed.

Goodreads rating:

Review:3.74 stars

Down there we take what we want.

Unputdownable. That’s the only word that my mind could reach out to while the book allured it like the characters were allured to Down World.

You know those books, yes, those are the ones, the ones whom you read for only 20 pages and know that you are in trouble because you just know that this one is going to change you whole and stay with you forever?

Down World will do that to you my friend, trust me on that one.

So I think it’s evident from my previous review that I list out all the things I liked and the all the things that I didn’t. Well, for this one, you are not going to find any mistakes or unlikely topics or anything that’s just not perfect.

Because this book was the epitome of Perfect. With a capital P.

So shall I list out all the obvious facts that made this book perfect and should be listed in top 10 Science Fiction list?

Yes, I most definitely shall.

Here it goes:

The plot: I felt like the plot is so strong and it has got so many elements and yet it didn’t feel like an overload of information nor did it feel like malnutritioned info. Every piece of puzzle every bit of knowledge of the world this world is gifted to you just at the right moment. And if this doesn’t make a book worth reading I don’t know what does.

Moreover, the plot is completely Original and so carefully woven that you won’t find one mistake/flaw/loophole in the story.

The Characters: Take your pick here:

Marina, Brady, Kieran, Piper, Robbie, Ana, Sage, John, George or even Marina’s dad. Whoever you pick is a uniquely formed character. They play their role just right and everyone is introduced to at the right moment. All of them connected to one or another just so that it fits the storyline.

The characters are so unique and just plain raw that I was in awe of the character building. You get to know them so well and you can even predict at times what the other may do.

And that’s exactly what we love, right? Making friends with our idols?

The Elements of the Plot: The elements of this book fell into sync with each other the way the a thousand musical notes fall into sync with each other to form one wonderfully sung song.

There were so many elements: The three portal doors, the train portal, the lake portal, the mysterious disappearance of Marina’s mom, Down World itself and so many other wonderful things that over time while reading you just fall so deep into the trap of this book that it’s hard to break back.

So folks, my dear dear readers, bookstgrammers, grab this read right now because you don’t want to miss this one trust me on that one.

Need more reassurance to read this one?

Then grab Down World by Rebecca Phelps if you love the following:

• Portals

• A billion different dimensions/ planes

• Love triangle

• Strong, mysterious, alluring Science Fiction that also feels like a fantasy novel.

• Addictive read

• Alluring

• Unputdownable

• Smart, intelligent and headstrong heroine

• Familial problems read

• Unpredictable.

• Just plain fantastic, perfect and awesome.

• Masochist bookworms looking for a book that will make them cry.

What more do you need? Jeez just go read this one. It will make your year.

Here’s my journal review:

See you guys at the pages of a hopefully another heartwrenching book.

All my love,


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Review: Historically Inaccurate by Shay Bravo

Book Name: Historically Inaccurate
Author Name: Shay Bravo

Goodreads Blurb:

It only takes one moment to change your life forever

After her mother’s deportation last year, all Soledad “Sol” Gutierrez wants is for her life to go back to normal. Everything’s changed―new apartment, new school, new family dynamic―and Sol desperately wants to fit in. When she joins her community college’s history club, it comes with an odd initiation process: break into Westray’s oldest house and steal . . . a fork?

There’s just one problem: while the owners of the house aren’t home, their grandson Ethan is, and when he catches Sol with her hand in the kitchen drawer, she barely escapes with the fork intact. This one chance encounter irrevocably alters her life, and Sol soon learns that sometimes fitting in isn’t as important as being yourself―even if that’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

Goodreads rating: 3.26 stars


So…let’s start the review with some positive energy. As in things I liked about the books:

The beginning:

Sol was supposed to break into the Winston’s house and take a selfie and steal a fork undetected; but somehow Ethan catches her red hand and from there begins this love story.

That much we got from the blurb. But after that things took an unexpected turn. At least the incident didn’t turn out the way I had predicted. And the starting was humorous. It piques the reader’s interest as to what happens next.

A really good start.

The originality: The idea of the book wherever it sprouted from in the author’s mind (I know, hehe sinece I have been keeping up with wattpad since 2019), it did a nice job of being original with the plot, the characters, the plot twist or the ending.

The supporting characters and how every other person was different in their own unique way. Seriously, if you could give me a situation and ask what if different character would have done, I would have been able to tell you exactly the the accurate answer.

Now let’s shine some light upon the points in tye books that were disappointing, totally unfair and/or could have definitely been better.

• As I said the supporting I liked all the supporting characters and their diversity but what left me really disappointing was that all and I mean all of their stories were really underdeveloped. I know, I know, it’s not them that the book is about but my point is that if they are playing fairly more than 25% of the part in the book then I definitely think that they should have had more depth to the story.

• The book was supposed to convey the emotions of a girl parted from her mother and who was away from her homeland. This meant that diving into this book should have been a emotional rollercoaster, alas, it wasn’t. And so many times I doubted like, maybe it’s just me. But no, the only emotions that were conveyed were of Sol petting her cat and being lazy about doing the laundry.

• This one is a big NO – NO and it irked me to no end.
I wondered through half of the book if Ethan was black. (Spoiler: Yes, he is black). And the other half I had a really hard time imagining how everyone looked like. This happened because there was such a lack of description!

And now the BIG irking point: I realised that Ethan was black when he expressed his fears of getting arrested, even to innocent, simply because he was black. I get where his fear is coming from but what I don’t get and angers me is that Sol simply brushes this fear of his off. Just like that. I mean, girl!

Journal Review:

Yeah, so there are my points and all of my non-biased opinion.

Would I recommend this book?

Only to those who like a diverse lit book which covers all topics from interracial love to the LGBTQ+ theme.

So see you guys at the next pages of a hopefully heartwrenching book.

All my love,

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